Thursday 17th August
Wow! What a launch week we had! We played virtually one of every gig. A great launch night in Manchester (thank you so much Martin Gittins), a pub gig (we made £5 profit, much more than many bands who take on such a task), a live-to-air session for BBC Radio Oxford, a wonderful theatre gig in Abingdon (thank you Pammy Aird) and a festival appearance (thank you Pete Chegwyn, the way you pulled that festival out of the quagmire after 12 hours' rain was fantastic).

We will be out again later in the year then in earnest from next year's festival season. Meanwhile, we have got a great buzz going. There is so much positive feedback right now, and we sold a lot of CDs at Cropredy even though we weren't playing. Sadly, due to the conditions at Wickham Festival, the CD concessions tent was unavailable on the evening, so we sold no CDs there. Many apologies to those disappointed, and especially to the CD man, who had to fend off enquiries for the rest of the weekend. However, the album is available directly from Maart's website at

Saturday 29th July
Mancunia will be appearing live on BBC Radio Oxford on Tuesday 1st August some time after 3pm (Nick Piercey show?). We'll be chatting and playing a song live in the studio, then it will be available on the website later.

Friday 28th July
Sunday night is Mancunia's first ever gig. In order to get the word out into the world as soon as possible about Mancunia, we need a video. We are inviting everyone who comes to the gig to join everyone else in filming, on their smartphones/iPads, whatever, just one song, which we will decide upon in advance, and flag up during the evening. Then the idea is that you send us all your clips of that song, we edit it into the very first live video of Mancunia live and post it onto YouTube, with namechecks for everyone who took part. We will also have an audio recording of the performance from the mixing desk to tie it all together. Let's all work together to make something really special. 

Ukrainian Cultural Centre, 31 Smedley Lane, Manchester M8 8XB. Doors at 7:00pm, Hayes Sisters on at 7:30pm, Mancunia to follow... 

For tickets see Shows page

Tuesday 25th July 
Rehearsals start in earnest tomorrow for our first run out. Still a few tickets left for Manchester and Abingdon. It's very possible that Manchester will sell out, so booking is recommended. Details on the Shows page.

Wednesday 19th July 
We are very pleased to announce that the Mancunia CD is now available from the Shop at

Tuesday 18th July 
The album has arrived. I'm just checking it now. No typos to spot as yet (Surely some mistake??). I'll be setting up pre-sales in the next day or two.

Saturday 15th July 
CD delivery delayed here until Tuesday 18th...

Friday 14th July - (Le Quatorze Juillet) 
Things are gathering momentum now and our first radio plays are coming up: 

Phil Carter played two tracks, Breton Tunes and The Movement Of The Soul, on the 'Thank Goodness It's Folk' show on Sheffield Live 93.2FM, which is available to listen to as a podcast.  

Two tracks, Breton Tunes and The Lizard, will be played on the BBC Radio Shropshire Genevieve Tudor’s Sunday Folk this Sunday between 6:00pm and 8:00pm. This station links up with BBC Hereford and Worcester and BBC Radio Stoke on DAB at the weekend so it covers a big area.  

Len Holton played a couple of tracks on his From Albion And Beyond public radio show in Little Rock Arkansas, USA.

Only two weeks then until the first gig in Manchester on Sunday July 30th! Please help us to have a great launch night. Ticket details on the Shows page.

Tuesday 11th July 
Turn Towards The Sun is being manufactured as I write, and I'm expecting delivery on Monday 17th July. It's such a nervous time, when you send an album away to be pressed. There's nothing more you can do, and it's like waiting for exam results or test results. Even though everything was checked many times, I know there'll be a typo waiting for me. When everything's been approved we will be taking advance orders, from my website at

Sunday 25th June 
The album is all ready for finalisation now and we hope to get it to be manufactured this week. Turn Towards The Sun has eleven tracks including four instrumentals.

Friday 16th June 
Maart's been beavering away with editing and mixing. Premixing with Siôn Jones will take place at Squiggle Studio, Harlech, within the next week and final mix and mastering is booked for Monday 26th June. We're all very excited about it and we're now working on the cover and booklet designs.

Sunday 11th June 
Tim and Andy came over to Harlech this week and the recording is now complete. We managed to get a few photos too, on which Tim is hard at work to sort out the artwork for the album. Now to editing then mixing. Final mix and mastering will be done with telepathic engineer Siôn Jones at Canolfan Sain near Caernarfon. We're well on schedule for getting the album out in time for our first gigs in a few weeks.

Tuesday 16th May 
The debut album from Mancunia is nearing completion now. We have a track running order sorted, and a title, Turn Towards The Sun. There are seven songs and four instrumentals on the album, which showcase not only Tim's great songwriting but also Andy & Maart's sparkling technique. Just two more parts to come in now from Tim and Andy. The album is produced by Maart who will be aided and abetted in final mix and mastering by Sain Records' recording engineer Siôn Jones. Maart and Siôn have collaborated on around a dozen albums now, including Mirabilia by the band Cirque des Rêves from Napoli, Italy.

Saturday 29th April 
Our debut run of gigs now includes The Brasenose in Cropredy, Oxfordshire, where I had my first folk-rock belt pint over 41 years ago, on Tuesday August 1st. It's a free gig so first come first served, especially if you want a seat. It's an 8pm start. If you can't get there in time, we're in Abingdon at the Unicorn the next night.

Tuesday 11th April 
I am currently wearing my eyeballs to the bone (eewww) onscreen with a view to getting the debut Mancunia album off to press by mid-June in order to have it ready for our debut gig in Manchester. We are delighted to be able to bring the esteemed ace soundman Simon Yorath (Fairport Convention, While and Matthews, loads of other fab people) to the mix (see what I did there?) so we will be sounding great at every show.

Saturday April 1st 
Over the moon to be a part of this magical combination with my old friend and fantastic fiddle player Andy Dinan and my new friend Maartin Allcock who has already recorded some inspirational music and harmonies and great production on our forthcoming album. Keep coming back to the site. Tim 

Saturday 1st April
Andy's first fiddle parts are now in, so I'll be working on that this weekend to bring y'all some tasters of what we're about by early next week. We think it's pretty amazing. Barriers are down, and music will shine through.

Friday 31st March 2017
Tim has been recording his guitar and vocals at home in Chambéry, Savoie, SE France, and sending files to Maart in Snowdonia for his guitar and vocal parts. Andy will be recording fiddle parts in Liverpool today and sending them back to Maart for mixing, so we should have some tasters for you to listen to by the middle of next week.